In 2017, we established an organization in India that is Indian led, supported and funded. We work in tandem with WomenServe India Foundation to remove barriers for the women and girls there. 

WomenServe India Foundation Board of Directors

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Ms. Deeksha Gehlot
Deeksha is a corporate legal consultant and the Managing Counsel at LexIngenious. She professionally assists socially innovative ventures in their legal matters like legal structuring, fundraising, setting internal policies, procedures and codes, general corporate governance and documentation. She is a human rights enthusiast and an ardent advocate of social rights for women. Prior to founding her independent corporate legal practice, Deeksha worked as an Associate and Of Counsel at Impact Law Ventures, a boutique law firm, and was catering to the dynamic legal requirements at the intersection of start-up, social enterprise, fundraising, sustainable development and non-profits. During the course of her professional journey, she has assisted the World Bank in collating inputs for assessing ease of doing business in India during 2014 and 2015; authored and co-authored articles on various platforms and conducted various legal workshops for start-ups and nonprofits. She has also worked for a US based student NGO as a Board Member, South Asia and Academic Programs Director. Prior to venturing out on her professional journey, in 2013 Deeksha graduated from Amity Law School, Noida with a law degree and an all-rounder award for excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities. She likes reading and researching on various concepts in economics, particularly free markets and Austrian economics. She swims for meditation and travels for exploration and introspection.
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Mr. Sanjay Bansal
Mr Sanjay Prakash Bansal, Chairman and Managing Director of the Ambootia Tea Group, which is an expanding conglomerate presently having 14 Tea Gardens in Darjeeling, 3 Tea Gardens and 2 Small Tea Farmers Green Leaf Factories in Assam. The Group is a Two Star Export House recognized by the Government of India. He has actively contributed to the Organic and Bio Dynamic Movement in India since 1993 through various National and International platforms. He has a successful and proven track record for taking over sick and abandoned tea gardens and turning them around with Organic and BioDynamic Farming practice and prudent management. All the 17 Tea Estates of the Group were sick and/or abandoned at the time of acquisition which with his expertise and leadership were revived in a short period of time. New factories have been constructed and existing factories have been modernized, as per the International Food Safety Standards for market access, in order to revive the Tea Estates. The revival saved the livelihood of 10,700 workers and their families totaling 65,000 individuals, and improved their lives through various social schemes introduced by the Group. For his successful adoption of BioDynamic and Organic Farming practices, the Group's flagship garden Ambootia has been selected as a Model Organic Farm as an exemplary example for Organic Farming in Darjeeling by Inter-Governmental Group (IGG) on Tea, Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO), IFOAM, funded by The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC), and Tea Board of India (Government of India). Co-author of the Indian Organic Standards (NPOP) that was released by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India, Shri. A.B. Vajpayee on 8th May 2000. These standards govern the Organic Programme of Government of India.