What makes WomenServe different? We believe women and girls are not broken... they do not need to be fixed. They need to be empowered and encouraged to share their Wisdom in a way that invites the World to listen.

We believe that where women and girls thrive, families, communities, and the planet thrive. The mission of WomenServe is to catalyze conscious global change by helping empower wise women and girls who learn to thrive in cooperation with their challenging environments. 

Our initiatives are primarily focused on amplifying women's voices through securing the basic resources that fuel sustainable change: clean water supplies, access to health and hygiene, education, and economic development. Most importantly, WomenServe elevates their compelling stories to inspire the world with timeless lessons.

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Today our work is focused on Rajasthan, India - one of the hottest, most desolate places on earth. It was there, immersed in the community, that my eyes were opened to the hardships the people living there faced - particularly the women and girls. And despite these hardships, the women have continued to nourish their vibrant spirits. The mission of WomenServe truly came out of  building trusted relationships with the people of India.

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Our effort to help remove barriers to their success comes from the realization that as we empower others, we also empower ourselves to create opportunities and nurture our most audacious dreams. 

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