A generous donor will match up to $10,000 in donations made to our
COVID-19 Relief Fund.

100% of your donation to our relief fund will support our team on the frontlines who are helping over 25,000 people prevent the spread of coronavirus and stay safe and healthy. Here are some of the ways our team is helping:

Handwashing Demonstrations and Safety Training

Good hygiene practices are essential to preventing the spread of the coronavirus. Following safety measures and social distancing are critical during this global pandemic, and many people in Rajasthan do not have access to training resources.

Food and Water Security

Some of the most vulnerable families are at a higher risk than ever for food and water scarcity. Our team collaborates with the government to identify and connect needy families to available resources.

Community Education Campaign

Educational posters, communication with village leaders, and workshops are some of the ways we are raising awareness about COVID-19 in rural areas.